1. 3 months ago 

    Jardim Botânico do Porto

  2. 3 months ago 

    Blue @ Jardim Botânico do Porto

  3. 6 months ago 

    Douro visto de Gaia

  4. 8 months ago 

    Today’s Weather report: #FOG

  5. 8 months ago 

    Arroz de Sarrabulho, what else!

  6. 9 months ago 

    tangle free ear-buds

    Since my last pair of ear-buds broke, I’ve been looking for alternatives, something I could use on both office and home PC and on my phone and tablet, for both music listening and phone/hangout calls.

    Last week I came across these pair of tangle free ear-buds with a zipper, at FNAC for ~18€.

    I bough them most for the novelty of having a zipper but also to simplify my issue with cables always making a knot by simply taking them out of the my back pack.

    After using them for a week, they really never get tangled, and that’s awesome. They also don’t have marked R/L, since you can find that out by looking at the zipper orientation. 

    Sound quality is acceptable, with some bass. Have yet to test the microphone, but the main issue with these kind of long cables, is that it’s placed too far from the mouth.